Medieval Dynasty

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I saw the Official Update Trailer about this game on the IGN channel.
While the name sounded familiar, the update video didn’t help me out with what this game was all about.
My first impressions was that it was an RTS(RealTimeStrategy) or maybe a town building sim with survival elements.

But the trailer that is show here does provide a better look at what this game is about.
It is a survival game with some RPG elements in it, and like most survival games, building is a huge part of it.
While browsing through Youtube I noticed that you also have quests in this game.
There will be no shortage of NPC’s in your town, that is for sure.

Agriculture, chopping down tree’s and mining are expected in these kinds of games.
The animation and stiffness of the residents of your town do stand out, but the game is in an alpha stage, so that should not be a surprise.
When looking at games in an Alpha stage, it is good to look at it with what it will become in the future.

At 00:18 the player is fencing off an area to hold his chickens in, so it is safe to say you need to feed and take care of your animals.
Harvesting meat and resources off them will also be a huge part of this game.
Since you are not the only inhabitant of your town.

We get this amazing looking shots of the environments and the changing of the seasons.
Hostile animals are also in this game like Wolves and Bears.
If they add enough quests and random events in this game, we might have a unique experience for the player here.

The medieval setting combined with survival and questing might be a very good and interesting combination.
I myself like the medieval setting and I really like the survival genre.
Since there will be a Steam Summer Sale in the near future, I see myself buying this.

No doubt agriculture will be a huge part of this game.
I noticed that I tend to follow and purchase from a lot of small indie devs or some double-A developers.
The reason for this is they make unique experiences for the gamer and not just what is popular.

If you are a PC gamer, you should at least follow or purchase one of these games that have smaller developers behind it.
At this point, I have no idea how this looks like on console.
In the future, the biggest innovations might come from these double-A developers instead of the big ones like EA or Bethesda.

Bethesda’s Starfield

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I am going to apologize up front if I sound negative but yeah I do remember Fallout 76.
Starfield is the new IP from Bethesda Game Studios, they are responsible for the Fallout and Elder Scroll games.
And yes, Fallout 76 was something they made as well.

The first things I see in this trailer is Creation Engine 2 which many fans have been critical about.
I am not an expert on this, but people can express their opinion, and the Creation Engine 2 better be a huge improvement over the older one.

“A brand new universe 25 years in the making” Yeah, already of to a fantastic start with this one.
I am getting flashbacks to “16 times the detail” from Mr Todd Howard.
And how many games to you know that have been good after 25 years in the making?

The visuals look pretty awesome though, and the way the light bends and interacts with the environment is gorgeous to look at.
But this is a cinematic trailer, and we have not seen any gameplay in it whatsoever.
I distrust Bethesda Game Studios and Todd Howard and his sweet little lies.

We get some more footage of this Man or Woman in his or her Aircraft as the flicking of some switches begins.
So are we going to be able to fly in this, or is this going to be fast travel?
And we then get the release date revile which is 11-11-22

Now I hope that this game is good! But like I said, do not trust anything about this.
And please for your own good do not get sucked into this hype.
I myself am not going to pre-order this at all.

I will follow Youtubers to see what they have to say about it when it is released.
And if the game is good who knows, I will buy it.
But yeah, I do remember what happened in Fallout 76 and the flickering water in Skyrim.
If you have the first version of the game, that bug is still present, and you need to fix it yourself!

So for the rest of the gaming community, please do not pre-order it blindly.
I know that a lot of people have a passion for Fallout and Skyrim, but do not let that make you blind to its problems.
Let’s not be a fanboy or girl, but a fan of these games.

I am curious that you readers think about this subject, like do you trust them again after Fallout 76?
Or are you just as skeptical as I am?
My mindset is if trust is broken, they need to prove themselves once again.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

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This one took me by surprise, I had no idea that a game like this was even in development.
Since the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and the MCU I started to like this group of misfits.
It does take a while to get used to them not looking like the actors.

But what I got from this trailer is that it looks like it is going to be fun.
And let’s not forget stunning visuals to go with it.
Would be really epic to fly around in their aircraft? (I forgot what it’s called)

So I guess this is going to be a third person action adventure game, which i have no problem with.
But is it going to be an open world? Or more of a linear game?
Some RPG elements would be nice.

“You are Star-Lord” Does that mean that you can only play as him?
While I like him, it would be a shame if that is the only Guardian you play as.
I myself like Drax a lot.

Having a Co-Op mode would be nice.
Playing as either Drax or Rocket and then having interactions with other characters.
Maybe even a mode where you could annoy or compete with your friends would be fun.

I will be keeping an eye out on this game.
If the end result is good, who knows it can be an extremely entertaining game.
They sure have the humor of the Guardians of the Galaxy down.

But Square Enix is publishing this and their Avengers game is not really liked by a lot of fans.
I was excited at first but the more I saw from it, I was like “No, thanks I am going to pass on this one”
So we can only hope they learned from the mistakes they made.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl

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Well I heard they were working on a Stalker 2 but I had no idea we would get a game play trailer.
I have some experience with the franchise, Having Stalker Call of Pripyat in my steam library.
That game has problems, but one thing that is noticeable is the atmosphere that these games have.

I am excited about Stalker 2 it looks like a competent game and the visuals looks absolute beautiful.
But I will wait and not pre-order it, too many high profile games that were a let-down.
Nobody expected Cyberpunk 2077 to release in such a horrible state.

The start of the trailer shows a group of men sitting at a campfire, while it is a light-hearted scene.
You can easily tell from that scene that the world of Stalker is not exactly fun and pleasant.
And those Russian men are part of a Stalker faction or group.

In the next scene, we see our Stalker put a silencer on what looks like an MP5.
After this he storms the outside of a building and takes out 2 guys, the gun play looks solid.
Looting is also a big part of this game, he grabs a new weapon and a sight from one of the crates.

He then goes inside the building with his new G36C? You can tell that the 2 guns act differently.
The environments look detailed and beautiful, and not to mention some of it is destructible.
There are also anomaly’s in this game and horrific looking creatures.

In the Marshlands, he holds on to what I guess is an anomaly detector?
We also see Skif throwing rusty bolts around to see if these anomalies react to it.
He then grabs this blue orb, which I have no idea what that is.

The zone is where you go to trade and interact with NPC’s?
Because that’s what it looks like to me, but maybe Stalker fans might give me some information about this world.
Feel free to share because learning more can never hurt.

Curly Vitya talks about scientist and laboratory, so are these creatures experiments?
One thing I can tell you is that the atmosphere in these labs look and feel horrific.
Skif is assaulted in this lab by an unknown creature or anomaly which can turn invisible?

After the Stranger talks about his undying love for the zone, we get this shot of Skif firing an Electric gun which can be really effective against anomalies ?
We also get an amazing shot of the weather effects in this game!

Overall, this was an amazing trailer and look at the game.
I am interested in this title, and maybe I will end buying it in the future.
What do you think about Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl?

The Battlefield 2042 game play trailer

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It’s here and I looks glorious, for a minute I thought it was not going to show up or that I made a mistake.
Maybe I did read the date wrong, you know.
But let’s go over what stood out in this trailer.

The first thing is that it is captured live in game with 128 players! This is already a big thing since Battlefield is known for it’s 64 player battles.
One has to wonder if this will affect how you play, or it is just more of the same, which is fine.

Ok at the 00:25 second mark we see that 4 man squads are here to stay.
Past battlefield games did have quads no bigger than 5 men if I am not mistaken.
When there are so many people playing at the same time, squads could have easily made bigger.

Next up is a new gadget, the Grappling Hook! This looks so much fun and I can finally be Batman in Battlefield.
And the animation and everything looks so smooth while he fly through the air and unto the crane.
His squad mate then takes the enemy out with a stealth kill.

Weather storms will have a huge impact on the match you’re playing, it seems.
A huge sandstorm starts engulfing the map, There is a tank being airdropped into the battle.
I wonder what kind of mechanic is behind that? Do we have a commander that drops armor onto the Battlefield?

There is a second storm coming in on the Desert map which is not a sandstorm but a tornado.
Does this mean that there is a change that we will have multiple storms active at the same time?
Or just random one’s one at a time?

When our squad is ascending the building in the elevator, we see our soldier switching out the attachments for his gun.
Does this mean we get to change out our equipment on the fly? Do we pick attachments up from dead players, and do we have an inventory?

Flying and gliding through the air with your wing suit looks so cool and amazing.
I bet you the first thing I will do is fly right against an incoming chopper or something.
It is going to be something silly, I just know.

Fight on an ever-changing Battlefield sounds amazing to me, I always liked the ability to change the flow of a map in past games.
But this will be something new entirely, I can’t wait to play this.

Some final thoughts on the trailer, This looks like a Battlefield that could innovate the genre.
Everything looks bigger, more chaotic than past Battlefield games.
It’s like someone said in the comments, “This is Battlefield 4 but on steroids”

I will not pre-order this game unless it has a special edition I want.
Lots of big games came out that where disappointing, like Cyberpunk.
Remember this is still EA and this is the very first Battlefield with so many players.
I still want this game but no I am not going to pre-order this, I will watch what other people say about it first.

Battlefield 2042

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Well the Battlefield 2042 trailer dropped a few days ago, and it looks interesting.
But I am waiting to pass judgement when we get to see some gameplay.
So let’s go over what stands out to me in this trailer.

So lets talk about the first thing that grabbed my attention.
When the aircraft crashed on top of the Helicopter pad, a group of soldiers jumps or fall from the Helicopter pad.
Lots of soldiers use their parachute like you would expect if you know something about Battlefield.
But then one of them opens up a wing suit to glide through the air, amazing!

Next up is an overhead shot of a city when we see a metal like crate being dropped.
It transforms and what I can only describe as a metal dog or some other animal.
There is a barrel attached to his head kind of long it has an extended nose.
The metal beast runs on all fours at a pretty high speed while having the ability to gun everything down in its path.

At the 00:59 mark we see a metal part of the ship coming loose, and it’s dropping in the direction of the players.
I think this means that we as players once again have the ability to alter the map.
Like in Battlefield 4 where you could open up the dam to put a section of the map underwater and change the way people needed to play the map.

When the shipping containers come up and all throughout the trailer we see these massive battles.
So we are getting more than the usual 64 players, which already was confirmed if I am not mistaken.
The visuals are amazing by the way! I love the Frostbite engine.

Battlefield 2042 also gives us a new vehicle, a hovercraft that can use the ice and probably also land and water as his road to travel on.
Also, there is this new jet that the pilot ejects from to grab his rocket launcher to blast the other jet in mid-air!
I am not sure if I am right about this, but it looks like that jet can hover in place without a pilot.

Then all the soldiers look up as an electric storm hits the city which transforms into a cyclone . If you can alter a map like which I described earlier, and you get these randomized events?
Like heavy storms or a weather phenomenon that would totally change the way the match is played.

We are getting the game play reveal on the 13th of June, which is tomorrow!
I am pumped and can’t wait to see what we are getting for Battlefield 2042.

Call Of Duty Cold War

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Since Black Ops 1 was the last good Call Of Duty in my opinion, I was excited about this game.
It is a direct sequel to that game, so the hype was real!
But I have not touched the game in a very long time, I even reinstalled it because of some of my co-workers play it.

And yet there is no desire to start the game up and play it, so why is that?
The multiplayer for Modern Warfare was dull and annoying at the same time.
Warzone was the only thing that was worth playing.

And I do like the Battle Royal concept but let’s be honest here people play COD for its multiplayer.
So how is the multiplayer for Cold War? Well the last time I did play it was ok.

Nothing special, just ok I do remember playing for a few matches and then stopping because I had no desire to continue.
So what is so bad about it? That is a fantastic question.

Maybe it is because Call Of Duty has lost its identity, you know what you are getting with the Battlefield franchise to some extent.
But Activi$ion just likes turning COD into whatever is popular at the moment.

Or it is that all the fun has been sucked out of it to make the game as competitive as possible?
Like the matchmaking stuff that has been plaguing this game?
This could have all be changed the last time I played the game, though.
Call Of Duty has always been a casual shooter.

I am going to make a comparison here with Dayz( a game which I play a lot) and SCUM.
Dayz is a zombie survival sim, but while Dayz can be brutal, there is still a fun element to it.
You can also spawn in and do silly stuff and talk to other players.

SCUM on the other hand has a full digestive system which will at some point force you to go to the bathroom.
You also need to watch what you eat, now I do this in real life I do not want to do that in a video game.

Now these are just some examples about that game, I went back to SCUM awhile ago with the Lock and Load update.
And it was just about the same, I played a bit, got bored and I logged out.

At the end of the day these are still video games and in my opinion they should be fun to play.
And yes, everybody has different opinions about what is fun.
SCUM does not feel fun to play, if you understand what I mean.
Call Of Duty is not fun to play anymore to me.

Modern Warfare 2 had so many problems, but it was still enjoyable to play
Maybe I just got burned out on Call Of Duty, the first one i played was Call Of Duty 2.
That came out in 2005 if you can believe that!

God I feel old now, but yeah am I onto something here?
Or could this just be the rambling of a 35-year-old man?
Feel free to leave your opinion about it, I love to hear about it.

Finding inspiration to write?

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There are times that I do not know what I should write about.
It this just something’s that happens to people, or is it because I don’t have a lot of experience with writing?
Maybe I am just trying to find how and what I should write about?

I like to write about everyday stuff and I also like gaming.
But can writing about gaming be profitable when I get more experience?
Maybe I should focus more on movies? These are some questions I do have.

Something funny that did happen is when I felt like I did not know what to write about, i got idea’s.
One such idea was maybe combing my YouTube channel with this WordPress.
Like doing a video about a game and then I write about it.

Maybe doing a thought piece about a comic I really enjoyed could be a thing?
There are a few DC comic’s in the house and some Marvel ones are on the way.
I really like a lot of different things like Comic’s, Gaming, Movies etc.

Also, something I would like to try is to write a short novel or something.
But I do lack experience in the writing department, so that could be holding me back.
Then again, trying something new can never hurt.

My goal is to find something I can make a career out of and earn some more money, which is always nice.
And of course I have to enjoy it as well!
At my current job I do not feel like it is going anywhere new and exciting.

But so far I keep coming back to my WordPress to keep writing and improving myself as much as I can.
If anybody has some feedback or tips for me, feel free to give them to me.
Help on this topic would be nice.

What did you do to improve besides writing? Are there any things that you know, and I don’t?
I have watched some YouTube Channels, but I do have some anxiety issues because of my past.
But the more I am comfortable with things, the less my anxiety is.

The Mandalorian

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So here I was signing up for Disney+ to watch Falcon and the Winter Soldier which is ok check it out.
But I paid for one month so let’s check what else is on here that is worth watching.
Hey The Mandalorian, I have heard good things about it, lets watch this.

The first season of The Mandalorian is so much better than the last two movies!
If you are like me and got put off by those movies, don’t worry, this show is worth your time.
Jon Favreau understands Star Wars and is also a huge fan, and you can tell that while you are watching.

This takes place 5 years after the events of Return of the Jedi and tells the story of a lone bounty hunter.
The Mandalorians are part of a bounty hunting clan who live by their own codes and rules.
If you ever watched the older movies you will recognize the helm and armor he is wearing, Boba Fett had similar armor then our Mandalorian.

The story begins to kick off when he gets a mission to retrieve “The Child”
When you see The Child you will instantly know that this child is from the same species as Yoda was.
And I guess these species have a special connection to the Force because when get to see it in action and for such a young kid to have control over it must mean he is gifted when it comes to the Force.

Our Mandalorian turns into a father figure for the child, and he also figured out that he is special.
Together they go on all sorts of adventures throughout the galaxy as you would expect from Star Wars.
A lot of cool easter eggs and familiar places turn up in the first season that you will recognize .

And I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to Star Wars but I grew up watching the movies and loved them at the least the 3 first ones.
I do have to watch Episode 1 through 3 again because your perspective changes when you get older.

If you ever subscribe to Disney+ this show should be on your must-watch list that is all I can say.
I do not want to get too much in too detail because I do not want to spoil it for you if you have not watched it.
And from what it look like Season 2 looks just as good as the first one so lets hope this trend continues.

The Supernatural

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I don’t know about you, but I am a firm believer in the Supernatural.
Ghosts, Spirits good or evil they exist as far as I am concerned.
Why do I think this? Because I have experienced it.

So let me start off with something stupid i my cousins and friends did in our teen/Early adult years.
We had this fantastic idea to play around with an Ouija board, I remember it very well.
It was between 10 or 11 clock at night I think?

My cousin placed it on a blanket in the garage box, and we sat all around it.
Some of our group started laughing and maybe even playing around with the glass or marker that we used.
But after a while we took a serious approach to it.

It started to move by itself and I just focused on it with my eyes closed, concentrating would help out I guessed.
But after some time past I heard a car entering our street and I saw the headlights coming closer to the house.
I thought my mom was coming home and I told my friends and cousins that they should hide the board.

The really weird part is that when I went out onto the streets to wait for her to park, get out of the car etc.
Not only was there no car coming towards the house, the street was completely empty.
And maybe yes there was a car exiting the street but I can’t explain why the headlights of the car kept coming closer instead of moving away then.

I also think we did not close the session, if I am correct that is something that you need to do when you finish.
But when you are young and stupid mistakes are going to be made.

I don’t know if it is because of playing around with the Ouija board or maybe because our house is pretty old.
But I have had my far share of experiences trough out the years.
Most of the activity happens on the second floor which is fantastic( Sometimes it is not!) since I sleep there.

The most common thing i experience are footsteps, and it is always the same.
I hear sounds coming from the bedroom my grandma used to sleep in, and they stop right in front of my door.
Then I hear them going back from where they came or nothing anymore until it happens again.

I also have experienced very bad energy in my room, now how do I explain this the best?
This does not happen all the time though but the kind of energy to makes you want to leave the room.
Or you have trouble falling a sleep because you are not at ease.

What do you think about this? Do you believe in it or are your skeptical about it?
I would love to hear about your experiences if you have any.
And maybe ill share some more of mine in the near future.

Dragonball Z

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Who does not know Dragonball Z? The adventures of Goku continue.
This was the intro for Dragonball Z in Belgium and what a cool song it is.
DBZ is still one of my favorite shows that I watch as a kid and of course I did watch everything from Dragonball Super!

But my introduction to Dragonball was maybe a bit weird, but this is a kid/young teen perspective.
While watching stuff like Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman and other things.
I realized that this was different and I actually got turned off by it for some reason.

But when zapping through the channels with my remote I came across an episode of Dragonball Z again and this time it was in the middle of a fight.
It could be an episode of Goku vs Frieza? I do not know exactly and that was the moment my perspective changed about Dragonball.
The fight scenes in Dragonball are amazing to watch.

Before this I might have found some aspects of DBZ a bit too silly.
But when you look deeper a lot of lessons can be learned from Dragonball Characters.
Goku’s desire to fight and train while also look out for friends and family can be really powerful to a young kid.
He also teaches you to never give up and keep pushing forwards even though it might seem impossible.

But who is Goku? He was found in the woods by Grandpa Gohan.
Goku crash landed on Planet Earth when he was still a child.
Grandpa Gohan tried to take care of Goku, but he was savage and wild.
But everything changed when he fell into a ravine and suffered a awful head injury.
When Goku finally recovered his personality changed to the one we know now.

Vegeta is Goku’s rival and like Goku he is a Saiyan, he is arrogant and prideful and the prince of their race.
A race of fierce warriors who got hired by the tyrant Frieza to conquer planets for him.
Goku will always be one of my favorites, but Vegeta might appeal more to you when you get older.
Vegeta does not like weakness, he gets annoyed at people who do not strive to get stronger and improve themselves.

Piccolo in Z starts out as a mentor to Goku’s son Gohan, this might be like whatever, but Piccolo was an enemy of Goku in Dragonball.
Goku hands over his son to him without thinking about it. Gohan’s training is rough and brutal for such a young kid, but Piccolo starts looking at Gohan like the son he never had.
Goku might have sensed that Piccolo changed for the better or at least that is the explanation I give myself.

Dragonball has a lot of memorable characters, you will most likely find someone who sparks your interest.
I started out with Z but if you want to experience what Anime is Dragonball is a good start for you.
There might be even anime’s out there that are a bit too silly for you or just weird. But Dragonball strikes a good balance.

Covid 19

•April 5, 2021 • 1 Comment

When Covid was spreading trough the world, i remember thinking to myself “It might be best to not go anywhere where i do not need to be”

This was somewhere around January 2020, Comic Con Brussels was more then a month away and i really wanted to go.
But i decided against going because i had this feeling that Covid might find it’s way to Belgium.
I did not want to get this virus or pass it along to my friends and family.

Me as an Introvert had no problems making this decision, but i can understand that people would go to this con because it could be the last one for a very long time.
We are now in April of 2021 and i am not going to lie i miss going to cons and to the movies.

But there are a lot of ways that you can still keep yourself busy and be productive even when you cannot go to Bars, Events etc.
So i am going to go over a few points that you can do in your free time or when you are stuck indoors.

Find a new hobby

I myself have picked up writing again, it is funny though since i hated writing as a kid and most of my 20’s.
But as i am in my 30’s now i look at it in a different way.
Who knows i might get good at it and find it fun!


There are lots of good games to sink your teeth into and for you to spent some time into their worlds.
I myself am a big fan of Survival Games like Dayz.
Other games that might be worth your time are any of the Witcher Games, World Of Warcraft, Valheim and so much more!

Improve your skills

Editing my videos for my Youtube Channel is something that i spent a lot of time on.
I enjoy using Wondershare Filmora for it and i try to put out a product that i think is worth watching.
But i learn as i go and i am only going to get better.

Working Out

Being healthy and kind of in shape has done wonders for my confidence over the years.
When i was in my 20’s i was shy and without confidence in myself or abilities, that has changed quite a lot since i started to work out.
I do some weight lifting, cardio exercises and some walking every now and again.

Now i do hope that this helped you out in some way or that at least it was an interesting read for you!
Be sure to let me know what you think off it, till next time.

Why do people defend a flawed product or update?

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The video that you are looking at is from my YouTube channel.
While the 1.12 update for Dayz is good, there is an issue with it.
I found out that when a server gets full the game becomes almost unplayable.

I experienced a lot of lag and the zombies get stuck on objects and glitch inside of buildings a lot more.
Now Dayz has an experimental branch where the updates get tested and then get moved over to the Stable branch.
Stable is where the game should be playable without major issues.

This is not the case with the 1.12 update and there still has not been a hotfix for 1.12.
It has been out like what for 3 to 4 weeks now?
Unacceptable, this reminds of the Dayz Alpha days and those were not the best of times.

What boggles the mind when you talk about this people get upset why?
If you take your car in for repairs and the mechanic does a bad job on it are you going to pay for it and just let it be?

Are people afraid of the truth these days? I was not even mean in my video I just addressed it.
Game breaking bugs and glitch or ones that makes your game unplayable should not be normalized.
But then again it is to some people, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games get defended, and those games have a lot of bugs and glitches.

I am a Dayz fan but I am not blind to the problems and issues the game has that makes me a fanboy.
Someone who defend anything and everything the publisher or developers do.
Nobody benefits from being a fanboy not even he himself.

Can we please make that a trend in gaming for 2021 and beyond?
#Be a fan not a fanboy.
Your voice means something let it be hurt and let your actions be felled.

How about people just do not buy the next Elder Scrolls or Starfield?
Or maybe just no pre-order for once? There is always something you can do!
I tweeted at the Dayz Twitter account it can be as simple as that.